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Porta - Reset Disco completo [2012]

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Reset - Hope Lyrics

Reset No Worries Hope Woke up late this morning Right beside a garbage can The last thing he remembers Is that bottle in his hand Hasn't had decent meal In six or seven days His girlfriend left  Leer Más...

Reset - My Dream And I Lyrics

Reset No Limits My Dream And I With every day that goes by It sure get's lonely in this This world of mine They state of nothingness keeps on eating me Will i succed? I can tell but wonder Wh Leer Más...

Reset - Planet Earth Lyrics

Reset No Limits Planet Earth Planet earth is abused You we're to blame Symposium shows it's not too late Constant threat, nuclear war Corretive measures await us all Starring death in the fac Leer Más...

Reset - Blew It Off Lyrics

Reset No Limits Blew It Off No, Istill don't know How he fucked it up again Lost it in the end It was all your fault Why, why am I such a lucky guy To think we could have died Could someone pi Leer Más...

Reset - Pollution Lyrics

Reset No Limits Pollution Everyone is watching I don't want you to go Somehow nothing here feels right This life feels like a twisted T.V. show That I don't know I'm not a walking commercial  Leer Más...

Reset - Why Lyrics

Reset No Worries Why Since you were born you watched TV Cartoons with violence and greed In your world all that was OK Your parents never taught you right From wrong, brother taught you to fight  Leer Más...

Reset - The End Lyrics

Reset No Limits The End Every time I see you You're trying so hard Selling a part of your soul The clock on the wall Says your not far from your goal You'll just have to wait and see Now it's  Leer Más...

Reset - Friend Lyrics

Reset No Limits Friend Started off a little while ago We built this little boat And set it off to sea And then we brought a friend along the way And we decided he would stay Stay with you and me  Leer Más...

Reset - Double Cross Lyrics

Reset No Limits Double Cross When we first met you took my hand And I'll never understand Why you changed so drastically Did you really think I would Let myself get stepped on by someone as low as Leer Más...

Reset - Pressure Lyrics

Reset No Limits Pressure Everyone is staring Down at me again Something's lacking My friends never let me in I feel the pressure pushing me It's pushing me again I can't take much more Not any  Leer Más...

Reset - Wide Open Lyrics

Reset No Limits Wide Open Open Open up your mind Stand up straight And everything will be fine I know you've been alone for a while and you Thought that it would last You've got to concentrate  Leer Más...

Reset - Go Away Lyrics

Reset Miscellaneous Go Away hope you understand that we dont give a shit what you demand your values never meant anything to us we dont give a shit petitions signed parents standing in a line just to  Leer Más...

Reset - Get Me Lyrics

Reset Miscellaneous Get Me Tell me girl what is wrong. Tell me why it's been so long You don't care, you don't mind No more ................ and always blind Feel my anger, feel my pain When Leer Más...

Super Junior - Reset Lyrics

KYUHYUN Neon ije jeongmal amooreohji anhnyamyeonseo neon iddageum byeol il anin deut naege moodji Jeongmal naega amooreohji anha boini? Geureoni? DONGHAE Nan ajikdo neoreul bomyeon gaseumi apa geumsae Leer Más...

Charice - Reset Lyrics

Ooh, yeah, whoa My pulse is getting fast, my heart is gonna crash Hey, I got something to say to you We've been on overdrive Maybe we should take some time apart I'm always on the road, I'm putting  Leer Más...

Lloyd - Reset Lyrics

Felicia Did You Say Your Name Was? Nice To Meet Ya Uh-Huh I Ain't Tryna Bother You But I Had To Compliment Your Features... Cause I... I Ain't Tryna Act Cliché But I'm a Marry Yo Leer Más...

Isaac Carree - Reset III ft. Joe Lyrics

(feat. Joe) Back to the drawing board Seems like I'm wasting half on my life Oh, oh, it's gotta be something more You gotta find me quick, Cause we're running out of time. And who said? You  Leer Más...

Cassie Davis - Reset Lyrics

Every kind of nervous Screaming inside me Boy you don't deserve this And my weakness terrifies me I must breathe in breathe out Regaining my composure Walked in the door I feel him getting closer Leer Más...

Ana Popovic - Reset Rewind Lyrics

All over, time to time, there's that moment again, simple truth that I have fills my chest with pain, keeps pushing me back and keeps pulling me down just like I don't belong in here like I nev Leer Más...

Shaka Ponk - Reset After All Lyrics

I cannot control myself, I cannot control myself... I’m weaké! I might need someone to help, I might need someone to help... to make it! Who's gonna catch your fall? Reset after all! Open un po Leer Más...

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