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Una Bella Pastorcita

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The Bella Cullen Project - Bella's Lullaby Lyrics

Life was like a moonless night Shrouded in the stars Beauty can be such a fright But now youre in my arms [chorus] You are my life now Cant you see Id cross oceans Id swim seas To be with y Leer Más...

Elvis Crespo - Bella Flor Lyrics

Una bella flor te quiero regalar Una bella flor te quiero entregar Petalos azules pa' que no confundas Este amor sincero que quiero brindarte En mi jardin encontre una flor Donde en esa flor tu rostr Leer Más...

Adriano Celentano - Una festa sui prati Lyrics

Una festa sui prati, una bella compagnia, panini, vino, un sacco di risate, e luminosi sguardi di ragazze innamorate, ma che bella giornata, siamo tutti buoni amici, ma chi lo sa perché domani questo Leer Más...

Paolo Conte - Bella Di Giorno Lyrics

Io so chi tu sei So neanche chi sei Ma so che tu sei Si so che tu sei tano amata Amata e desiderata L'istinto ti sa Trattare ti sa Guidare ti sa Con poche parole precise Poche parole decise E uno s Leer Más...

Renato Zero - Una Canzone Da Cantare Avrai Lyrics

Dischi d'oro e trofei non li troverai appesi. Solo nude pareti, l'essenzialità. Mentre i volti ed i nomi rimangono accesi. Le carezze e gli schiaffi non li scorderò. E' così che si cresce: sbag Leer Más...

La Plebe - Bella Ciao Lyrics

Una mattina mi son svegliato* O bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! Una mattina mi son svegliato E ho trovato l'invasor O partigiano, portami via O bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella Leer Más...

Juanes - Una Flor Lyrics

Una Flor voy a regalarte Esta noche de luna llena Para confesarte lo mucho Que me gustas lo mucho Que hay en una Flor Para perfumarte del amor Del que voy a hablarte Y quiero demostrarte Lo  Leer Más...

Five for Fighting - Bella's Birthday Cake Lyrics

Bella played the bridge, every second loneliest night of the year And took a certain liking to a fellow there, Bella She said, I brought her back to some old better man, fellah See Bella, she was born Leer Más...

The Grass Roots - Bella Linda Lyrics

Bella Linda, try and understand Bella Linda, I'm doin' all I can Bella Linda, I'm only what I am It's so hard for me to say the things I really feel If I could I'd chase away the pain your eyes revea Leer Más...

Macabre - Bella The Butcher Lyrics

Bella Gunness was a lady fair in Indiana state She weighed about three hundred punds and that is quite some weight That she was stronger than a man her neighbors all did own She butchered hogs right e Leer Más...

Drupi - Bella Come Te Lyrics

Bella e strega catturi tutti i sogni miei Servo e schiavo del tuo gioco Solo non mi lasci mai La notte è già finita Sotto il sole ti sorprenderà Perché tu sei bella e streg Leer Más...

GRASSROOTS - Bella Linda Lyrics

Bella Linda, try and understand Bella Linda, I'm doin all I can Bella Linda, I'm only what I am It's so hard for me to say The things I really feel If I could I'd chase away The pain your eyes r Leer Más...

Venus Hum - Bella Luna Lyrics

Bella Luna, Bella, stars and sky Oh, the fire, it's not hot I cannot say that I am surprised Just sad, the water's running out And it's so sad My heart is a brick and I cannot pick it up And I'm so m Leer Más...

Bella Thompson - The Chicken On The Rainbow Lyrics

Bella Thompson Miscellaneous The Chicken On The Rainbow Bella Thompson The Chicken On The Rainbow knows the reason why i enjoy weird things thats why this song is so weird but you'll listen again Leer Más...

Bella Morte - Relics Lyrics

Bella Morte Where Shadows Lie Relics As our faith bleeds into day This feeble dream is born As dark as winter's voice As silent as the rain A place is found within Where hearts are formed in glas Leer Más...

Bella Morte - The Rain Within Her Hands Lyrics

Bella Morte Where Shadows Lie The Rain Within Her Hands Thanks to neritai@yahoo.com for these lyrics. Here shadows move of their own will Through the twilight I call the nameless place my home  Leer Más...

Bella Morte - The Fallen Lyrics

Bella Morte Death Rock EP The Fallen We wander from the grave With grey and clouded eyes And death is overcome As a world of blood is born There's no love and all I see is hunger Life fades away Leer Más...

Bella Morte - Remorse Lyrics

Bella Morte Remains Remorse He stands in the chill of night With snow swirling down Memories lurking in his eyes Blood is on his hands She still lives inside of him She still holds his eyes in th Leer Más...

Bella Morte - Funeral Night Lyrics

Bella Morte Remains Funeral Night With night fading fast Let us walk to keep the time away My heart is so cold I know what is right What to do when all has passed away Will you still stay strong? Leer Más...

Bella Morte - As Heaven Sang Lyrics

Bella Morte Remains As Heaven Sang As I slept You whispered in my dreams You said That fate could never end our love That there was no power stronger On Heaven, Earth, or Hell You gave to me y Leer Más...

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